Skinny E​.​P

by Emberá

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released August 10, 2017

Artwork by Allison Stroyan
Tracked by Billy Gerrity at Hivemind Audio
Mixed by Angelo Maruzzelli at The Stude
Mastered by Jimmy Reynolds at The Stude

All songs written by Emberá

Emberá is
James Barrett- Vocals, Guitar
David Sorokanich- Guitar
Angelo Maruzzelli- Bass, Vocals
Tyler Barrett-Drums



all rights reserved


Emberá Scranton, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Autumn
my ghost haunts this front porch again
to keep the thought of me inside
when you're back in
the house is sold and the family's out
this side of Grove is shrinking
as everyone's older now

I drive my car around
wasting gas, but remembering when we roamed this town
and I used to think that I could be something else
than what I've now become
I used to think that I could be someone

the albums and the bands we loved
will never die, so why did we ever give up?
the schoolyard where we used to meet
has become an empty void at the bottom of our street

and I'll miss you when you're gone
but please don't forget about me
and when we've all moved on
my heart will always be
at the intersection of West Grove Street
Track Name: W Master
I'm wide eyed
and I don't know why I haven't died
this place is contagious
but you are my life

so let's run farther away
cuz i can't stay
let's run farther away
Track Name: Fall Break
I walked back through the snow
the night you walked me home and I could barely feel my toes
I could barely feel my feet
buried so far underneath
but the streetlight helped me breathe
while I made sure that we weren't seen

my chest was ready to implode
nerves like knives like cutting my bones
I loved you then
I still love you so much now
I can't figure out where our love came crashing down

the nor'easter and the beach
the ocean never sleeps
but I can't either so don't we maybe go back to your room
and you can wake me up after 2
like you always did when you were scared that you'd fall asleep soon

my chest is ready to implode
nerves like knives cutting my bones
well I loved you then
I still love you so much now
I can't figure out where our love came crashing down

I wanna wake up next to you
I wanna wake up in your room
I wanna watch the sun rise again
I want our love to grow back in

I walked back through the cold
tonight's the night that you won't call me when I get home
Track Name: Skinny
we are no longer right
so I think back on our lives
and I remember my red vans and new socks
you told me that I looked handsome in my pink shirt
that I wore when I was 16
it doesn't fit now
that's not hard to see
yeah, I've gained some weight and a few years
do you still see the boy you loved and feared of losing?

so I lie awake every night
and sleep all day until the sky turns to red
then I go drive to the middle school
where we would watch the sun go down
then I'd drive you home
and I would think tonight's the night you fall for me
but I fell down first
and that's ok
I usually hurt at the end of the day

I need you to see what's next for me
I have these songs but they're not what I need
it's never what I need
it's not what I need
but it's always what's best for you
not me

am I still the boy you fell for that spring?
you loved me then when I was skinny